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Anchor/interviewer, Morning Report, Singers of Renown
Radio New Zealand, 1979-84

Anchor/interviewer, Eyewitness News, Sunday,
Frontline, Perigo!, News at 10
TVNZ, 1985-92

Anchor/interviewer, Perigo (breakfast programme)
BBC World Service, 1993


Panelist, The Ralston Group
TV3, 1994-95


Anchor/interviewer, New Freeland (breakfast programme)
Radio Liberty, 1995


Talk-show host, Politically Incorrect Show
Radio Pacific, 1996-2001


Political Editor, Global News
Radio Live, 2001-2004


Political Editor
Prime TV, 2004-2005


Part-time talk-show host
Radio Live, 2006-2009


Panelist, Eye to Eye
TVNZ, 2006-2009



The Free Radical Magazine, 1994-2006

Founder and Principal

SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists) , 2001-present

C a r e e r   T i m e l i n e

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