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Introducing a new form of Yoga – Periyoga.

Strength      Suppleness      Shapeliness

67-year-old Lindsay Perigo has drawn on his many years as a practitioner of traditional Hatha Yoga to devise a unique, safe, effective and economical Yoga-based regime. Periyoga combines moderate, sensible stretching with isometric and solitary contraction to strengthen muscles, improve suppleness and enhance body shape. Its unique method of "systematic reiteration" makes each of its poses a potent body-sculptor. It comprises 7 different routines consisting of 14 modified traditional Yoga postures. That's one routine for each day of the week, each taking 15 minutes.

  • No equipment or props required

  • Gentle but challenging

  • Safe but extremely effective

  • Custom-adapted as required

  • Takes just 15 minutes a day

  • One-on-one instruction with Lindsay

“Results were astonishing to me. These were thrilling experiences. Greater stamina and joie de vivre. I would recommend Periyoga to many of my clients for their psychological well-being and work-life balance."


-- Geraldine Keith, 69, clinical psychologist

"I've lost weight, improved my fat-to-muscle ratio, increased my  flexibility, got some shape back in my body. I can finally sleep through the night pain-free on my right side after years of being woken by intense pain in my hip."


-- Deb Hurdle, 55

"As a former physiotherapist I look for exercise programmes that are both effective and safe. Periyoga satisfies both these criteria."

-- Heather Roy, 50

"I would recommend Periyoga to anyone, especially where a person needs to exercise while minimising impact and stress on the body."

-- Betty Gillespie, 69

"Periyoga toned up my torso to match my runner's legs, and slowly but surely relieved the accumulated stiffness from years of jogging."

-- Sally Killick, 60

"Periyoga has changed my outlook on how I can maintain health and fitness and feel a million dollars without it costing me that!"

-- Baba Perigo, 85

"The exercises within Periyoga have served to strengthen my back muscles and improve my posture, and with it, my confidence."

-- Sam Purchas, 19

For further information please contact:

Lindsay Perigo

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